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Description, a leading hosting provider, has carved a niche in the web hosting industry with its roots deeply planted in Nigeria. Since its foundation in 2014, it has grown significantly by offering a wide array of services that cater to the needs of both local and international clients. The company's commitment to providing reliable and affordable web solutions has solidified its position as a trusted partner for businesses and individuals looking to establish a strong online presence.

The company's server locations are strategically placed to ensure optimal performance and speed for its users' websites. This global network of servers allows to offer robust hosting solutions that are not only fast but also secure. Whether you're in Nigeria or elsewhere, the provider ensures your website is accessible and running smoothly, maximizing uptime and enhancing user experience.'s array of provided services includes domain registration, shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers, among others. These services are designed to meet the diverse needs of its clientele, from small personal blogs to large corporate websites. With a focus on customer satisfaction, continues to innovate and expand its service offerings, making it one of the most comprehensive and reliable hosting providers in the market today.

Web hosting

Explore the world of Shared Web Hosting and Managed Web Hosting, offering diverse solutions for different web hosting needs. This section provides a comparative analysis of pricing plans for both Shared and Managed Hosting from the Shared Hosting is ideal for those seeking an affordable, user-friendly option, while Managed Hosting caters to clients needing advanced support and resources. Each plan is designed to meet specific requirements, ensuring you find a hosting solution that aligns with your website's scale, complexity, and budget.

NameWebsitesDiskBandwidthDatabasesControl panelPrice (Month)
Soldier120 GBUnlimited-cPanel1500.00 NGN
Minister540 GBUnlimited-cPanel2000.00 NGN
KingUnlimited400 GBUnlimited-cPanel3250.00 NGN

WordPress hosting

Delve into the specialized area of WordPress Hosting, designed to optimize and enhance WordPress websites. This section offers a detailed comparison of pricing plans for WordPress Hosting from the, tailored for a variety of needs, from personal blogs to large-scale business sites. These plans focus on delivering exceptional speed, security, and scalability, ensuring your WordPress site performs efficiently and remains cost-effective for your budget.

NameWebsitesDiskBandwidthDatabasesControl panelPrice (Month)
WP1110 GBUnlimited-cPanel4500.00 NGN
WP2120 GBUnlimited-cPanel7200.00 NGN
WP3240 GBUnlimited-cPanel9900.00 NGN


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