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Description is a leading hosting provider known for its comprehensive range of web services tailored for businesses and individuals alike. Established in 2009, this company has carved a niche in the global market, emphasizing ease of use, reliability, and a wide array of offerings to cater to a diverse clientele. Originating from the New Zealand, OnlyDomains has expanded its operations beyond its initial boundaries, establishing a reputation for excellence across the digital domain.

With a commitment to providing state-of-the-art web services, OnlyDomains hosts a wide array of server locations around the world, ensuring optimal performance and reduced latency for its customers. This global presence reinforces its dedication to offering robust hosting solutions, making it a go-to choice for those seeking international reach and reliability. The infrastructure supports a variety of requirements, from basic web hosting to more complex needs such as private servers and cloud-based services.

Apart from its hosting capabilities, OnlyDomains prides itself on a comprehensive suite of provided services that include domain registration, email hosting, SSL certificates, and website builder tools among others. This multifaceted approach ensures clients have access to all essential web services under one roof, streamlining the process of establishing and managing an online presence. This holistic approach to web services solidifies OnlyDomains' position as a versatile and reliable hosting provider in the digital landscape.

Web hosting

Explore the world of Shared Web Hosting and Managed Web Hosting, offering diverse solutions for different web hosting needs. This section provides a comparative analysis of pricing plans for both Shared and Managed Hosting from the Shared Hosting is ideal for those seeking an affordable, user-friendly option, while Managed Hosting caters to clients needing advanced support and resources. Each plan is designed to meet specific requirements, ensuring you find a hosting solution that aligns with your website's scale, complexity, and budget.

NameWebsitesDiskBandwidthDatabasesControl panelPrice (Month)
Kiwi130 GBUnlimited10cPanel3.99 EUR
Kea4100 GBUnlimited25cPanel7.99 EUR
Kakapo9UnlimitedUnlimited10cPanel14.99 EUR


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