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Whois.com is a renowned hosting provider that has carved a niche for itself in the realm of web services. Established in foundation year, the company has a rich history of delivering exceptional hosting solutions to clients worldwide. The company is headquartered in the country and has consistently grown its reputation by providing reliable and scalable hosting options.

Over the years, Whois.com has expanded its infrastructure to include multiple server locations across the globe. This strategic expansion offers the company superior website performance and reduced latency for its international client base. The diverse server locations ensure clients can select the most optimal hosting environment for their website's target audience.

The provided services by Whois.com range from web hosting and domain registration to email hosting and SSL certificates. The company's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction makes it a preferred choice for businesses and individuals looking for a robust digital foundation. With a focus on reliability, scalability, and support, Whois.com continues to lead in the hosting industry, delivering top-tier services that cater to a wide array of hosting needs.

Web hosting

Explore the world of Shared Web Hosting and Managed Web Hosting, offering diverse solutions for different web hosting needs. This section provides a comparative analysis of pricing plans for both Shared and Managed Hosting from the Whois.com. Shared Hosting is ideal for those seeking an affordable, user-friendly option, while Managed Hosting caters to clients needing advanced support and resources. Each plan is designed to meet specific requirements, ensuring you find a hosting solution that aligns with your website's scale, complexity, and budget.

NameWebsitesDiskBandwidthDatabasesControl panelPrice (Month)
Economy Linux11 GB10 GB-cPanel1.68 USD
Advanced Linux1UnlimitedUnlimited-cPanel2.88 USD
Economy Windows11 GB10 GB-Plesk3.68 USD
Advanced Windows1UnlimitedUnlimited-Plesk5.18 USD
Business Linux3UnlimitedUnlimited-cPanel5.48 USD
Pro LinuxUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited-cPanel6.48 USD
Business Windows5UnlimitedUnlimited-Plesk6.48 USD

Virtual private server (VPS)

Explore Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, a robust solution for those requiring greater control and performance than traditional shared hosting. This section provides a thorough comparison of VPS pricing plans from the Whois.com, catering to a range of needs from small businesses to large enterprises. Each plan is designed to offer a unique balance of resources, security, and scalability, ensuring optimal website performance at competitive pricing.

NameCPURAMDiskBandwidthOperating systemPrice (Month)
V1 - SSD2 Cores2 GB20 GB1 TBLinux12.08 USD
V2 - SSD2 Cores4 GB40 GB1 TBLinux17.48 USD
V3 - SSD3 Cores6 GB80 GB2 TBLinux29.08 USD
Standard2 Cores2 GB30 GB1 TBLinux30.88 USD
Enhanced2 Cores4 GB60 GB2 TBLinux38.88 USD
V4 - SSD4 Cores8 GB120 GB2 TBLinux48.58 USD
Premium3 Cores6 GB120 GB3 TBLinux65.38 USD

Email hosting

Email Hosting services, tailored for both individuals and businesses, provide a professional, reliable way to manage digital communication. This section includes a thorough comparison of pricing plans for Email Hosting from the Whois.com. Each plan is designed to offer various storage capacities, security features, and support levels, accommodating different user requirements and budgets, ensuring that clients can choose an option that best fits their email hosting needs.

NameAccountsStoragePrice (Month)
Business Email15 GB0.98 USD
Enterprise Email130 GB3.28 USD
Business Starter130 GB5.88 USD
Business Standard12 TB11.98 USD
Business Plus15 TB19.58 USD
Enterprise Plus1Unlimited29.88 USD


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