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Hover.com, a leading name in the domain registration and web hosting industry, has established a strong presence since its foundation year in the late 2000s. Originating in Canada, the company has carved out a niche for itself by focusing on simplifying the process of buying domain names and providing related services. Over the years, Hover.com has expanded its offerings to include email hosting and various other web services, catering to a broad spectrum of customers from individuals to businesses seeking a reliable online presence.

The history of Hover.com is marked by a commitment to customer service and ease of use. The company has consistently focused on streamlining the domain registration process, making it as straightforward and hassle-free as possible. This customer-centric approach has helped Hover.com build a loyal customer base and maintain a strong reputation in the competitive web hosting market. With a dedication to privacy and user-friendly services, Hover.com has become a go-to provider for web solutions.

Although primarily based in Canada, Hover.com serves customers globally, thanks to its robust infrastructure and server locations around the world. This international reach ensures that users enjoy fast and reliable service, regardless of their geographical location. The provided services by Hover.com include domain registration, email hosting, domain privacy protection, and more, making it a comprehensive platform for managing various aspects of an online presence. By continuously evolving and expanding its services, Hover.com aims to meet the growing needs of its diverse clientele.

Email hosting

Email Hosting services, tailored for both individuals and businesses, provide a professional, reliable way to manage digital communication. This section includes a thorough comparison of pricing plans for Email Hosting from the Hover.com. Each plan is designed to offer various storage capacities, security features, and support levels, accommodating different user requirements and budgets, ensuring that clients can choose an option that best fits their email hosting needs.

NameAccountsStoragePrice (Month)


Explore the essential world of Domain Names, a critical element for establishing an online presence. This section offers an in-depth comparison of pricing plans for various domain names from the Hover.com, catering to businesses and individuals alike. These plans include a range of domain extensions, privacy options, and renewal costs, allowing customers to select a domain name that aligns perfectly with their brand identity and budget requirements.

.ac79.99 USD79.99 USD79.99 USD
.academy41.99 USD41.99 USD41.99 USD
.accountant32.99 USD32.99 USD32.99 USD
.accountants86.99 USD86.99 USD86.99 USD
.actor40.99 USD40.99 USD40.99 USD
.adult96.99 USD96.99 USD96.99 USD
.agency24.99 USD24.99 USD24.99 USD


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