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The .actor domain serves as a digital platform distinctly catering to individuals and institutions within the acting fraternity. This domain extension, classified under the genre of generic top-level domains (gTLDs), underscores the profession and art of acting. It is designed for actors, actresses, and professionals in the acting industry, offering them a unique online identity. By registering a .actor domain, individuals and businesses not only underscore their allegiance to the acting community but also avail themselves of an opportunity to accentuate their online presence with a domain that is instantly recognizable and highly relevant to their domain of expertise.

History of .actor domain

Launched in 2014, the .actor domain was introduced by Rightside, a prominent player in the domain registration world, with a vision to provide a tailored digital ecosystem for the acting community. By furnishing professionals and entrepreneurs alike with the capacity to procure a bespoke and memorable internet address, the .actor domain extension aims to facilitate stronger connections within the global acting community, fostering an environment of collaboration and discovery. Devised as a bTLD, it responds to industry-specific needs by offering a novel and distinguished online identity.

Use-cases and Applications of .actor Domain

The use spectrum of the .actor domain extends beyond merely providing an internet address. It is a cornerstone for actors and acting professionals to manifest their brand, showcase their portfolio, and connect with their audience and casting agents. Moreover, it has evolved as a pivotal tool for collaboration among playwrights, theatrical companies, and filmmaking entities, creating a cohesive nexus amongst various stalwarts of the acting domain.

  • Personal Branding: For actors keen on establishing a potent personal brand, a .actor domain can serve as the foundation of a digital portfolio, presenting their work, accolades, and professional journey in a coherent and accessible manner.
  • Networking: It provides a virtual rendezvous for casting calls, auditions, and acting opportunities, making it an indispensable resource for up-and-coming actors seeking to penetrate the industry.
  • Marketing & Promotion: Theaters and production companies leverage the .actor domain to promote forthcoming performances, casting calls, and industry news, thereby enhancing audience engagement and ticket sales.
  • Alternative Use Cases: Beyond its primary audience, the .actor domain finds resonance among acting coaches, drama schools, and costume designers, each harnessing the domain to delineate their services and contributions to the theatre and film worlds.

In conclusion, the decision to purchase, register, or renew a .actor domain is not merely a transaction but an investment in one's digital legacy and professional narrative within the acting community. The domain price varies across registrars, so individuals and entities are encouraged to conduct thorough research to secure the best deal for their domain registration. The .actor domain extension is an emblem of the acting profession, offering a bespoke digital platform for its practitioners.

.actor Domain Prices

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31.80 EUR
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46.22 EUR


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