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The .biz domain, an abbreviation for "business," is designed specifically to serve the needs of businesses looking for distinguishable online identities. As a gTLD (generic Top-Level Domain), it transcends geographic boundaries, inviting entities from across the globe to claim their space in the Internet business community. With its inception aimed at providing an alternative to the overcrowded .com world, the .biz domain offers a unique proposition for businesses seeking to signal their commercial intent inherently. Entities pondering the decision to buy domain names find the .biz extension particularly appealing due to its direct association with commercial, for-profit activities.

History of .biz domain

The .biz domain was introduced in 2001 by Neustar, a prominent player in registry services and internet technology. This introduction was part of a broader expansion of the domain name system, designed to address the scarcity and saturation of desirable .com domain names. Unlike traditional gTLDs that were unrestricted, the .biz domain was one of the first extensions to carry out a use policy. This policy stipulates that .biz domain names must be used for "bona fide business or commercial use," an attribute that channels its exclusivity towards business entities. Hence, the domain price for .biz reflects its targeted utility, positioning it as a cost-effective yet distinguished choice for businesses keen to underscore their commercial identity online.

Use-cases and Applications of .biz Domain

The primary utility of the .biz domain lies in its explicit association with businesses, commerce, and trade, making it a strategic choice for entities operating in these areas. Startups, SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses), and e-commerce platforms lean towards the .biz extension to leverage its immediate identification with commerce and entrepreneurship. This preference is further buoyed by the relative ease and accessibility to register domain names under .biz, compared to the more saturated and competitive .com world.

  • E-Commerce Outlets: Online stores and trading platforms choose .biz to signal their commercial nature and optimize their brand's online presence.
  • Business Portals: Companies providing B2B services, digital marketing solutions, and business consultancy often opt for .biz to highlight their professional offerings.
  • Financial Services: Banking, investment firms, and fintech startups find the .biz domain aligns seamlessly with their commercial objectives, offering clarity of intent to prospective clients.

Moreover, the alternative use cases of the .biz domain have evolved, with creative and innovative applications emerging. For instance, tech companies and startups have occasionally adopted .biz to differentiate their innovative solutions, using the domain's business connotation as a backdrop to their avant-garde offerings. This broadens the horizon for companies looking to purchase domain names that offer uniqueness in the digital space and a clear indication of their commercial ties.

.biz Domain Prices

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24.99 USD24.99 USD24.99 USD
3500.00 KES3500.00 KES3500.00 KES
1559.00 INR1559.00 INR1559.00 INR
15.99 USD
16.80 EUR
4.65 USD13.40 USD12.70 USD
18.99 USD18.99 USD18.99 USD
19.90 EUR
16.99 USD16.99 USD16.99 USD
5.98 USD18.98 USD14.98 USD


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