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The .build domain extension, introduced to the digital cosmos, serves as a cornerstone for individuals and enterprises engrained in the construction, engineering, and broader building industry. This generic top-level domain (gTLD) was devised to provide a dedicated online space that accurately mirrors the robustness and dynamism of the building sector. By registering a .build domain, entities underscore their commitment to innovation and quality and benefit from enhanced brand visibility in a highly competitive market. The domain price varies depending on the registrar, but generally, the investment signifies a strategic step to augment online presence.

History of .build domain

Launched in 2014, the .build domain was pioneered by Plan Bee LLC. This company perceived the necessity for a specialized internet address to encapsulate the essence of the construction and related industries. This advent transformed how businesses and professionals in the building sector marketed themselves online. Unlike other domain extensions that may seem ambiguous or overly generic, .build unequivocally communicates an entity's involvement in the building industry. Hence, businesses looking to purchase or buy a domain specifically related to construction, architecture, or engineering found a valuable asset in registering a .build domain. It stands as a testament to a firm's domain in the expansive world of building and construction projects.

Use-cases and Applications of .build Domain

  • Construction Companies: Firms engaged in the erection of structures, from residential homes to skyscrapers, leverage the .build domain to showcase their projects and expertise and to distinguish themselves in the digital arena.
  • Architectural Firms: Entities dedicated to the art and science of designing buildings use the .build domain to exhibit their portfolios, thereby attracting potential clients and collaborators who value architectural innovation.
  • Engineering Consultancies: These consultancies benefit from the .build extension by presenting their engineering solutions and services, emphasizing their role in bringing architectural visions to reality.
  • Building Material Suppliers: Suppliers and distributors of construction materials use the .build domain to highlight their product offerings, facilitating easier access for construction companies and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Beyond its primary audience, the .build domain interestingly finds resonance with innumerable other sectors. Creative professionals, for example, appropriate it to signify 'building' their portfolios or careers. In this manner, the .build extension transcends its original conception, heralding a versatile platform for various industries to manifest their foundational and forward-building ethos. Consequently, anyone keen to purchase or register a domain synonymous with growth, construction, or development will find an impeccable fit for their digital identity.

.build Domain Prices

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63.99 USD63.99 USD63.99 USD
25.80 USD25.80 USD25.80 USD
83.19 EUR
57.99 USD57.99 USD57.99 USD
2449.00 INR2934.00 INR2449.00 INR
60.00 EUR


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