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The .directory domain is a specialized gTLD (Generic Top-Level Domain) formulated to cater to the needs of online directories and listings. Since its inception, this domain extension has become a pivotal digital real estate for entities aiming to establish an online directory, listing service, or guide. It transcends conventional boundaries, enabling businesses, organizations, and individuals to create an easily identifiable online presence that explicitly conveys the intent of categorization and systematic arrangement.

History of .directory domain

Launched in 2014 by Donuts Inc., a renowned global leader in domain registration services, the .directory domain was introduced to the market to provide a clear, categorically relevant platform for information aggregation and directory services. Emphasizing ease of memory and relevance, the domain swiftly caught the attention of proprietors wishing to distinguish their online directory services. Despite being relatively new to the domain scene, its affiliations with Donuts Inc. have bolstered its reputation, making it a trustworthy and dependable option for those looking to buy or register a domain tailored to directory services.

Use-cases and Applications of .directory Domain

  • Categorized business listings: Corporations and commerce-driven entities use the .directory extension to showcase an organized compilation of businesses, facilitating seamless navigation and search for end-users.
  • Locality-specific guides and directories: From culinary guides to automotive services, the .directory domain lends itself to geographical segmentation, offering localized directories that cater to community-based preferences.
  • Professional services compilation: Legal, medical, educational, and myriad other sectors employ the .directory domain to assemble comprehensive indices of professional service providers.
  • Resource hubs and informational directories: For those aiming to create a consolidated repository of informational resources or thematic directories, the .directory extension provides an unambiguous cue to the site's purpose.

Besides these conventional uses, innovative applications of the .directory domain are continually surfacing. Whether for niche hobbies, crowd-sourced review compilations, or even thematic cataloging of digital content, this domain extension offers a versatile platform for systemic organization and online classification. The domain price for a .directory varies, depending on the registrar, but its value in enhancing online navigability and categorical clarity often justifies the initial investment to purchase or register this distinctive domain extension.

.directory Domain Prices

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45.60 EUR
19.95 USD19.95 USD19.95 USD
2045.05 INR2459.00 INR2045.00 INR
26.99 USD26.99 USD26.99 USD
2.59 USD17.54 USD17.54 USD
26.00 EUR


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