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The .gallery domain extension is a specialized online identity catering to individuals, businesses, and institutions within the art and exhibition sectors. As a part of the Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) family, introduced to the World Wide Web's domain name system, .gallery offers a tailored web address for galleries, artists, exhibitors, and collectors alike. This domain extension provides an intuitive and industry-relevant choice for those seeking to showcase their work, promote exhibitions, or create an online art-centric community. With the importance of a digital presence ever-increasing in the art world, the .gallery domain stands out as a prime option for those looking to buy a domain, enhancing their online visibility and accessibility.

History of .gallery domain

Launched in 2014, the .gallery domain was introduced amidst a wave of new gTLDs to expand the domain name system beyond the traditional .com, .net, and .org. Managed by Donuts Inc., a leading registrar known for its extensive portfolio of gTLDs, .gallery quickly garnered interest from the art and exhibition community. Its inception was met with enthusiasm for providing a much-needed bespoke web address for art-related content. Registering a .gallery domain has since become a strategic decision for those in the art sector to distinguish their online presence in a crowded digital world. The domain price varies depending on the registrar, yet it remains an accessible investment for most, reflecting its value in building an identifiable and professional online identity.

Use-cases and Applications of .gallery Domain

  • Art Galleries and Museums: Traditional brick-and-mortar art spaces leverage .gallery to extend their reach online, showcasing upcoming exhibitions, past collections, artist profiles, and visitor information.
  • Independent Artists: Emerging and established artists alike find the .gallery domain a fitting platform for personal portfolios, allowing them to professionally present their work to potential buyers, galleries, and critics.
  • Online Art Sales: Platforms specializing in the sale of artworks adopt .gallery to signify their niche, making it easier for art endocasts and collectors to find and purchase authentic artwork.
  • Art Fairs and Events: Organizers of art events, fairs, and biennales opt for a gallery domain to advertise event details, ticket sales, and featured artists and works, enhancing their marketing outreach.

Beyond its primary area, the .gallery extension finds alternative uses that resonate with its connotation of display and curation. For instance, photographers, digital artists, and even design studios purchase the .gallery domain to differentiate their unique offerings. By registering a .gallery domain, one not only secures a domain name but also embraces a community that values aesthetics, craft, and the sharing of creative works.

.gallery Domain Prices

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26.00 EUR
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10.20 EUR


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