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The .house domain is a versatile and distinctive top-level domain (TLD) designed for individuals, organizations, and companies related to real estate, housing, construction, home improvement, and related services. As a generic top-level domain (gTLD), it provides a broad platform for users seeking to establish a memorable online identity directly associated with housing and related industries. In a digital age where the right domain can significantly impact an online presence, choosing to buy or register a .house domain can be a strategic move for industry professionals. The domain extension offers a clear and direct link to the housing sector, making it easier for customers to find and remember a website.

History of .house Domain

Launched in 2014, the .house domain was introduced as part of a massive Internet domain name space expansion, allowing for more specialized and descriptive domain options beyond the traditional .com, .net, and .org domains. Managed by Donuts Inc., a global leader in domain registration, the .house extension quickly found footing among real estate agents, construction companies, interior designers, and homeowners looking for a niche on the web. Introducing the .house domain filled a significant gap in the digital real estate market, enabling a more tailored approach to online branding and marketing within the housing industry.

Use-cases and Applications of .house Domain

  • Real Estate Agencies and Agents: Professionals can leverage the .house domain to showcase property listings, provide buying and selling tips, and offer real estate services, reinforcing their expertise and market presence.
  • Construction Companies: For firms involved in building and renovation projects, a .house domain offers an authoritative platform for displaying their services, past projects, and customer testimonials.
  • Interior Designers and Architects: A .house domain is an ideal choice for design professionals seeking to exhibit their portfolios, design philosophies, and contact information, thereby attracting potential clients.
  • Home Improvement and DIY Blogs: Bloggers and endocasts focusing on home renovation, decoration, and DIY projects can use the .house domain to share their insights, tutorials, and inspirational content with a targeted audience.
  • Alternative Uses: Apart from its obvious connections to physical housing and real estate, the .house domain can creatively be employed by those in hospitality, such as guesthouses, B&Bs, or even thematic websites like house music platforms.

In summary, the .house domain serves as a foundation for professionals and businesses to build an online presence that speaks directly to their audience. With competitive domain prices, the opportunity to purchase and register a .house domain offers a clear pathway to differentiate and enhance brand visibility within the expansive real estate and housing market. Whether for traditional or innovative applications, a .house domain extension is a strong, original choice for digital branding.

.house Domain Prices

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36.99 USD36.99 USD36.99 USD
45.60 EUR
7.76 USD28.90 USD28.90 USD
2759.00 INR2759.00 INR2759.00 INR
29.95 USD29.95 USD29.95 USD
39.00 EUR


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