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The .me domain extension is a powerful tool for individuals and businesses seeking to establish a personal connection online. As a ccTLD (Country Code Top-Level Domain), it is officially associated with Montenegro, having been launched in 2007. Despite its origins, the .me domain has transcended its geographic designation to become a popular choice worldwide for personal branding, portfolio sites, and more. Its appeal lies in its simplicity and directness, enabling website creators to communicate a personal or interactive invitation through their URL. When considering the purchase or registration of a domain, the .me extension stands out for its ability to add a personal touch that is often sought after in the digital space.

History of .me domain

The .me domain was introduced in 2007 following Montenegro's declaration of independence from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro. The transition of the .me extension from a national identifier to a broad-reaching personal marker symbolizes a significant evolution, particularly in its policy and management. Administered by the organization doMEn d.o.o., a partnership among Afilias, GoDaddy, and ME-net, this domain extension quickly garnered international attention. This growth was fueled by its potential for personal branding and competitive domain prices and the increasing trend of building an online identity. Entrepreneurs and individuals see the value in securing a .me domain to establish their brand, making the process to buy or register this domain increasingly popular.

Use-cases and Applications of .me Domain

  • Personal Blogs and Portfolio Websites: Individuals frequently use the .me domain to host personal blogs, portfolios, and resumes. This personalized approach helps build a direct connection with the audience or potential employers, uniquely showcasing skills and talents.
  • Startup and Personal Brand Websites: Startups and professionals looking to carve out a distinctive space online often turn to the .me domain. Its inherent implication of personal involvement and direct communication makes it an ideal choice for those wishing to convey a sense of individuality and innovation.
  • Interactive Projects: Creative projects and interactive personal sites also benefit from the .me extension, taking advantage of its inviting connotation to encourage user engagement. Whether a complex interactive portfolio or a simple call-to-action site, the .me domain provides a memorable foundation.
  • Alternative Use Cases: Beyond traditional self-branding and portfolios, the .me domain finds its way into innovative applications such as custom URL shorteners for social media influencers or marketing campaigns. This unconventional use supports brand cohesion and enhances online visibility.

Choosing to purchase or register a .me domain not only signifies a commitment to personal branding but also opens up an area of creative possibilities. With its clear, direct, and personal appeal, the .me domain extension has proven versatile across various applications. Whether for a professional showcase or a personal blog, acquiring a .me domain can significantly impact your online presence, offering an engaging and memorable avenue to tell your story.

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8.99 USD23.99 USD23.99 USD
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2.99 USD32.95 USD32.95 USD


  • Domain Type:ccTLD
  • Country:Montenegro

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