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The .network domain extension, a pivotal digital asset for professionals and entities aiming to underscore their connectivity, collaboration, or infrastructure prowess online, epitomizes the essence of interconnectivity in the digital age. Introduced as a generic top-level domain (gTLD), it transcends the confines of niche sectors, offering a versatile platform for various industries to broadcast their virtual and physical networking capabilities. Registering a .network domain signals a clear intent to foster connections, share knowledge, or provide infrastructure solutions, making it a compelling choice for those looking to establish a notable online presence. The process to buy a domain with the .network extension is streamlined, with domain price and availability easily accessible through accredited registrars, ensuring a smooth journey from purchase to registration.

History of .network domain

Launched in 2014, the .network domain was introduced to the digital world to meet the burgeoning demand for a dedicated space where organizations, industry coalitions, and professionals could highlight their networking forte. Its inception was driven by the need to create a recognizable, sector-agnostic platform that could cater to both the technologically inclined and those whose operations hinge on the strength of community and collaboration. The domain has since established itself as a trusted domain extension for those seeking to underscore their networking capabilities or infrastructure prowess, further fortifying its position within the expansive domain ecosystem.

Use-cases and Applications of .network Domain

  • Business Networking: Corporates and professional service firms leverage the .network domain to showcase their commitment to building strategic partnerships and fostering industry connections.
  • Technology and Infrastructure: Entities within the IT, telecommunications, and infrastructure sectors use this domain to highlight their technological competencies and connectivity solutions.
  • Social Networking Platforms: Emerging and established social platforms looking to create community-driven spaces opt for the .network extension to delineate their purpose and expand their reach.
  • Alternative Use Cases: Beyond its primary applications, the .network domain serves as a creative outlet for projects emphasizing community support, collaborative arts, or knowledge-sharing frameworks. This versatility allows for an expansive interpretation of "network," accommodating many initiatives.

In essence, the .network domain caters to a broad spectrum of online trys, from the corporate to the communal. Its adoption across diverse fields underscores the universal appeal of connectivity and collaboration in today's interconnected world. Whether one aims to purchase a domain for a global telecommunications giant or a grassroots cultural project, the .network extension offers a unique space to broadcast the essence of networking in the digital area.

.network Domain Prices

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349.00 INR349.00 INR2290.00 INR
3.11 USD22.19 USD22.19 USD
29.00 EUR
31.99 USD31.99 USD31.99 USD
22.99 USD22.99 USD22.99 USD
19.20 EUR


  • Domain Type:gTLD

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