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The .vip domain stands as a distinctive digital moniker, categorized under the umbrella of generic top-level domains (gTLDs). Manifesting exclusivity and prestige, the .vip extension is an acronym for "Very Important Person," resonating with a sense of prominence and high status across various online platforms. Its introduction was motivated by the demand for more personalized and brand-specific domain names that could stand out in the increasingly crowded online space. As such, the .vip domain extension offers a unique opportunity for brands, individuals, and services to punctuate their online presence with an air of importance and exclusivity. When considering to purchase a domain, it's imperative to note that the domain price in the .vip extension might vary based on factors like registrar policies and additional services included in the purchase.

History of .vip Domain

Inaugurated in 2016 by Minds + Machines Group Limited, a prominent player in the domain name industry, the .vip domain extension was introduced to provide an online space that radiates exclusivity and prestige. Since its launch, it has gained significant traction among businesses, celebrities, and high-profile events seeking to amplify their digital footprint through a domain that echoes their status. The decision to register a .vip domain is often motivated by the desire to secure an online identity that instantaneously communicates value, luxury, and exclusivity. Given its relatively recent entry into the market, the .vip domain has quickly established itself as a sought-after choice for entities aiming to distinguish themselves on the internet.

Use-cases and Applications of .vip Domain

  • Brand Enhancement: Corporations and upscale brands leverage the .vip extension to underscore their premium offerings and services. It is a digital badge, signifying premium status and fostering an elite brand image.
  • Exclusive Services: Organizations offering membership-based services or exclusive access to products and events often buy .vip domains. It serves as a clear indicator of the exclusiveness and high-quality nature of their offerings.
  • Loyalty Programs: Businesses use .vip domains to host their loyalty programs, enticing customers with the promise of VIP treatment and exclusive benefits, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.
  • Personal Branding: High-profile individuals, including celebrities and influencers, purchase and register .vip domains to cultivate a personal brand that exudes prestige and exclusivity.

Besides these primary uses, the .vip domain is increasingly being adopted for innovative applications beyond its original conception. From exclusive online communities to premium digital content platforms, the domain extension offers a versatile foundation for various tries aimed at delivering value and exclusivity. Thus, the decision to buy a .vip domain can significantly contribute to creating a distinct and memorable online identity.

.vip Domain Prices

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24.95 USD24.95 USD24.95 USD
13.20 EUR
4.98 USD7.98 USD14.98 USD
17.99 USD17.99 USD17.99 USD
3.62 USD11.35 USD11.35 USD
1599.00 INR1879.00 INR1559.00 INR
36.00 EUR


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