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The .website domain is a distinguished member of the vast portfolio of generic top-level domains (gTLDs), crafted meticulously for individuals, businesses, and organizations seeking a prominent online presence. Its introduction was part of a strategic expansion designed to offer more tailored web addresses amidst the saturation of traditional domain extensions like .com and .net. Offering an intuitive and generic appeal, the .website domain has become a go-to for entities aiming to establish a clear and accessible online identity. As the digital world becomes increasingly competitive, choosing a .website domain embodies a versatile and inclusive option, effectively communicating one's digital domicile to a global audience.

History of .website Domain

Launched in 2014 by Radix, one of the world's largest registry operators for new domain extensions, the .website domain was introduced as a universal option designed to appeal to a broad audience without industry, geography, or niche constraints. This marked a significant milestone in the domain industry, providing a fresh alternative to traditional and often oversubscribed domain extensions. Since its inception, the .website domain has grown in popularity, reflecting the domain market's evolving needs and the perpetual search for relevant, memorable online identities.

Use-cases and Applications of .website Domain

  • Businesses and Startups: Companies across the spectrum, from budding startups to established corporations, find the .website domain an ideal platform for launching or expanding their digital footprint. The extension's broad appeal helps businesses create a professional online presence that is immediately recognizable and easily remembered.
  • Personal Brands: For individuals seeking to carve out a personal space online or build a personal brand, a .website domain offers a customized solution. It provides a straightforward yet impactful way for professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs to showcase their portfolios, blogs, or resumes.
  • Alternative Use Cases: Beyond traditional websites, the .website domain is adept at hosting a variety of digital projects, including but not limited to portfolios, forums, digital resumes, and project showcases. Its versatility also extends to serving as a landing page for marketing campaigns, providing a memorable URL for promotional materials.

To register a .website domain, prospective domain owners are advised to consider the domain price, which varies depending on the registrar, along with available hosting and privacy protection services. When buying or purchasing a domain, it is crucial to conduct comprehensive research to ensure a registrar's credibility and the value of the package offered. Registering a .website domain is straightforward, offering a swift path to securing a digital presence that aligns with one's brand identity and online objectives.

.website Domain Prices

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33.00 EUR
1.30 EUR
1169.00 INR2494.00 INR1504.00 INR
29.99 USD29.99 USD29.99 USD
1.88 USD13.98 USD21.98 USD
1.53 USD20.64 USD20.64 USD
9.99 USD24.95 USD24.95 USD


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